Odays Review

The hot summer is coming to an end, the cool autumn months are fast approaching. ISA Wuhan welcomed our founding students on 26th of August.

ISA Wuhan International Academy

Nowadays, we are facing increased global competition and knowledge in one subject area is not enough to solve the challenges of the real world. In this context,

ISA Wuhan Orientation Day

Orientation Day aims to help students get familiar with the campus environment and teachers as well as meet and make friends with new classmates, and to smoothly fit into our campus life.

ISA Wenhua Camp

On August 21, more than 80 families attended the opening ceremony of ISA Wenhua Camp with full expectations and excitement.

ISA Wuhan Unique Boarding Experience

Richard graduated in Physics and Geology in 1992 from Staffordshire University UK and has a background in both education and business, including

Induction Week