Frank Li
Educational Superintendent of ISA Wuhan
  • Expert of the National Association for the Study of Foreign Language School Work
  • Counsellor of Hubei Provincial People's Government
  • Former Principal of Wuhan Foreign Language School
James Morris
Co-Head of ISA Wuhan School
Head of ISA Wuhan International School
  • Graduated from The University of Oxford, BA, MA, PGCE (Cambridge) and NPQH
  • Possesses more than 28 years of experience in education locally and internationally.
  • Former President of the Shanghai Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society – will promote ISA students to many top universities around the world.
  • Helped students gain admissions successfully to world’s top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, Colombia, Berkeley, Stanford, etc.
Dr. Wei Zhengwei
Chief Advisor of the ISA Wuhan Wenhua Academic Tutorial Team
  • PhD at the University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Chief IBDP examiner, Member of Curriculum Review Committee, the Board of Examiners, and a teacher training officer.
  • Worked on curriculum and examination revision, the appointment of examiners, and online and offline training of IB teachers.
  • The ambassador for the IBO in China and a senior counsellor and leader of many international schools in China and abroad; the founding member of the Chinese Association of International Educators.
Ms. Hong Yang
rincipal of ISA Wuhan Wenhua Primary School
Co-Head of ISA Wuhan International Kindergarten
Director of Strategic Development of ISA Wuhan School
  • Former Chief Principal of Wuhan Changchun Street Primary School;
  • Senior teacher, subject leader;
  • National advanced individual in educational research;
  • The Great City Artisan of Wuhan;
  • 2018 The Principal of China
Phil Burnage
Kindergarten & Primary Principal of ISA Wuhan International School
Primary Co-Principal of ISA Wuhan Wenhua
  • Former Head of Shanghai United Shangyin Primary School.
  • 29 years of experience in education, has taught students of all ages in primary schools and has accumulated a lot of front-line teaching experience in mathematics, physical education, history, traffic safety and other subjects.
  • A Postgraduate Certificate in Education (P.G.C.E.), a Professional Qualification Certificate for Principals (N.P.Q.H.), an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability, and a Certificate 3 in Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK 3).
Richard Beddoes
Head of Boarding, ISA Wuhan School
  • Graduated in Physics and Geology in 1992 from Staffordshire University, UK and has a background in both education and business, including 8 years teaching English and Physics in China and South Korea.
  • Founded and led his own outdoor education and retail business before moving to China in 2014, completing his international PGCE from The University of Nottingham.
  • He has helped to develop new school campuses and high-quality boarding provision in a number of successful international schools in China.
  • Most recently, he initiated and developed the boarding provision as Founding Assistant Head of a new school in Zhejiang.
  • He has also led the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and the World Scholar's Cup, helping students to build their confidence and enhance their university applications through a wide range of extracurricular activities.
Dr. Juliana Jia
Principal of ISA Wuhan Wenhua High School (AP Centre)
  • Postdoctoral of the University of Cambridge, UK, an expert on Sino US education comparison and research.
  • Once served as the vice president and executive principal (founder) of Princeton International School of Math and Science.
  • Deeply engaged in the research of higher education and basic education both in China and the United States. Her research focused on the comparison of college and secondary school curriculum in China and the US. She successfully applied its integrated curriculum system to the international education cooperation projects in both countries.
  • Adopting a project-oriented learning approach based on the STEAM curriculum, she developed a curriculum system, effectively bridging the gap between basic education and higher education in terms of students' research, academic performance and creativity.
Dr. Yuanching Huang
Secondary Academics Dean, ISA Wuhan Wenhua
  • She holds Ph.D in History of Peking University and is currently candidate for Ed.D of Peking University.
  • Her research focus on curriculum rationale, Chinese National Curriculum education reformation, etc. IB experience includes being TOK Coordinator, Examinar and EE supervisor.
  • She has full experience in integrating MYP with CNC and developing school- based project. She also participates in formative assessment research group with Institute of Examination Research of Peking University and focuses on the academic areas of developing learning theories and instructional design methods and teaching strategies to promote active student learning, teacher culture and pedagogy.
  • Before she entered in K-12 education area, she worked at Research Center of United Nations and International Organizations of Beijing Foreign Language and was associated with the World Federation for the United Nations.
Byron Jiang
Secondary Vice Principal, ISA Wuhan Wenhua
  • Chief Administrative Officer of SSAT Central China for the American Secondary School Admission Test
  • Over 17 years of experience in international education management and supervision
  • 22 years in education, familiar with the implementation and management of A-LEVEL, AP, IB and other domestic mainstream international curriculum in compulsory education and high school level.
Ms. Hedya Yang
Primary Vice Principal, ISA Wuhan Wenhua
  • Worked as The Deputy Head of Primary, the Head of Academic and the Head of Grade at Yew Wah International School and Beijing Fang Cao Di International School.
  • 27 years of experience in teaching the National Curriculum for Primary Languages and has won many national awards for her trial classes.
  • Plenty of experience in integrating the Chinese National Curriculum with the international curriculum and home-school communication.
Rae Wang
Middle School Vice Principal, ISA Wuhan Wenhua
  • She has administration experience in both China and America.
  • She has worked for K-12 schools in the USA for two years as a teacher and administrator, then she worked for NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University as vice principal.
  • As a backbone teacher in Hubei Province, she is titled "Academic Leader" in English teaching and studying and awarded "Technical Expert" by People’s Government of Wuhan.
  • She has also won the first place in the "National Teaching Competence" on behalf of Hubei Province.
Azur Peraz
MYP Coordinator, ISA Wuhan Wenhua
  • Bachelor in Secondary Education and MA History degrees from MLQU and De La Salle University respectively; and a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • More than 20 years teaching experience working in different international schools in the Philippines, Indonesia and China; half of it being as HOD for Social Studies; IB experience includes being Personal Projects Coordinator, TOK Coordinator and EE supervisor; as well as teaching various humanities subjects in MYP, DP, IGCSE, A-Level and AP curriculums.
  • Experienced IB Examiner for MYP and DP, and has been a Cambridge Examiner for IGCSE/ A-Level as well.